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Rev. Steve and Mary Bolen
Outreach Ministry
Join us for Easter 2022
“First Light”
11 a.m. (EST) / 10 a.m. (CT) on Zoom
Please join Rev. Steve and Mary live on Zoom for our Easter Sunday Service. In our message, entitled First Light, we will celebrate together the Divine Order of the Resurrection – what it means for our Wayshower and how it reveals the Truth about each of us and in fact, all of life.
The Service will be approximately forty minutes in length followed by fifteen to twenty minutes of fellowship and connection. 
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 Easter Sunday Morning

Jesus, born of Mary, demonstrated the life of the spiritual being expressing through the human being as our Wayshower. He taught and lived His life demonstrating the principles and path to higher consciousness. His death and resurrection illumined the truth of and the way to eternal life in Christ.
Good Friday was an ending to His human expression, the quiet of the tomb, the time of waiting in faith, and Easter Morning the fulfillment of the promise manifesting as a new beginning.
“The night of waiting is past, and dawn is breaking. The dark shadow of Gethsemane has become a Cross on Calvary’s hill. In the garden of Joseph (and the tomb), as in that other garden, blossoms bloom and blow; buds are stretching to the morning light."
“Two white-robed figures come and roll the stone away. A burst of glory, like that of the morning sun itself, is coming from the tomb. It is like the sun, but brighter, shining with a light that never fails; that reaches into all the dark and painful shadows of life, far beyond the garden of Joseph, into other gardens a world away; shining before the eyes of those who even now, like the disciples and soldiers of that long gone time, still slumber."
    Arise, let us be going, a voice of infinite compassion seems to say:
         “Because I live, you will live also….
         I am the light of the world….
         You are the light of the world…let your light shine….
         Lo, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
Rev. Ernest C. Wilson 
The Week That Changed the World
The Easter of Your Life
One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is “What am I?”
The answer determines our self-concept, which influences the boundaries of our personal growth and development. Those who have embraced ancient wisdom teachings, such as Unity, accept that who and what we are is more than what can be seen with our physical eyes or described through the five senses.
There is a part of us that can never be endangered or destroyed and is our true nature and being. It transcends our history, human lineage, and false concepts that we have accepted for ourselves. When we live from that awareness, we fulfill the life that God sees when God sees us. It is a life that reflects our divine purpose, in which we contribute our unique gifts and talents to our world...
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This Friday, April 22, 11 a.m.
Blue Ridge Arts Center
Join us this Friday to enjoy the beautiful artwork of Camille Day in the exhibit, "People and Places: The Art of Travel." Bring your lunch for a picnic together afterwards.
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